From the Garden

Suntory Whisky Teriyaki glazed salmon on a bed of mixed greens w/ seasoanl veg, berries and shredded ginger

Mixed Greens / Seasonal Veg / Fresh Berries / Toasted Almonds / Pomegranate Glazed Chicken Breast

Mixed Organic Greens / Shredded Carrot / Shallot/ Cucumber/ Tomato Choice of Dressing Add chicken or shrimp: +$5.00

Kids Menu

Traditional English dish sized for wee little ones

Grilled cheddar cheese on white bread and served with house made chips

Mac and Cheese

Creamy cheddar cheese and macaroni. Served with crisps.

Pub Fare

Odde’s Irish Melt

Irish Rasher, Irish Cheddar, mushrooms, sapinach, pickled onion and ranch dressin on toasted rye bread.  Served w/ hand cut chips.

Half pound beef patty topped w/ jalapeno. lime and tequila cream cheese.  Served w/ hand cut chips.

Baked Cod Filets and Shrimp / Fresh Cucumber & Olive Relish / Roast red potato dairy-free, gluten-free

Penne Pasta / Bourbon & Bacon Cheese Sauce / Rye Bread Crumb Topping Add house smoked pork: +$4.00

Creamy Lobster Sauce / Shrimp, Scallops, Cod / Basmati Rice or Shepherd Style with Mash Top gluten-free

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables / Tikka Masala Curry Sauce / Basmati Rice vegetarian, gluten-free Add chicken or shrimp: +$5.00

Locally sourced Beef Tenderloin w/ Duxelles & Pate Wrapped in Pastry / Mashed Potato / Red Wine Gravy / Fresh Veg

Scottish Style Sausage / House Mash Potato/ Red Wine Onion Sauce

Cod / Local Pilsner Beer Batter / House Fries

Pub Burger

$ 14.00

1/3 lb All Beef Patty / Irish Cheddar or Swiss / Lettuce/ Tomato. Ask your server about our Burger of the Day

10 Day Brined & Braised / Sauerkraut / Swiss / Russian Dressing / Rye

Savoury Pies

Ask Server or Call ahead for the week’s pie. Chicken & Mushroom, Steak & Stout, Fisherman’s and Cottage are just a few of the

Ground Lamb / Onion / Potato / Irish Cheddar gluten-free